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Shinmai Maō no Testament, mit dem Nebentitel Testament of Sister New Devil, ist eine japanische Light-Novel-Reihe von Tetsuto Uesu mit Illustrationen von Nekosuke Ōkuma. Das seit erscheinende Werk wurde auch als Manga und Anime adaptiert. „Testament [= Paktpartner] des neue-jüngere-Schwester-Dämonenkönigs“), mit dem Nebentitel Testament of Sister New Devil, ist eine japanische. The Testament of Sister New Devil ist ein Anime des Studios»Production IMS Co​., Ltd.«mit dem Hauptgenre Action. Beschreibung: Basara Toujou wollte schon. Basara hails from a clan of heroes, but when his father suddenly remarries, he finds himself living with a family of demons. Watch The Day I Got A Little Sister. The Testament of Sister New Devil. + 1 StaffelAction-Anime. Basara entstammt einem Helden-Klan. Doch als sein Vater plötzlich erneut heiratet.

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The Testament of Sister New Devil: Das Leben des Schülers Basara verläuft in ruhigen Bahnen – bis sein Vater eine neue Frau findet und heiratet. Plötzlich . The Testament of Sister New Devil. + 1 StaffelAction-Anime. Basara entstammt einem Helden-Klan. Doch als sein Vater plötzlich erneut heiratet. - Erkunde aylin0cxbs Pinnwand „the testament of sisters new devil“ auf Pinterest. Weitere Ideen zu Testament of sister new devil, Anime tapete, Date​. Sexy Dämoninnen im Haus zu haben - das ist die Story des Anime "The Testament of Sister New Devil rund um Basara Toujou und seine Clan! - Erkunde aylin0cxbs Pinnwand „the testament of sisters new devil“ auf Pinterest. Weitere Ideen zu Testament of sister new devil, Anime tapete, Date​. The Testament of Sister New Devil: Das Leben des Schülers Basara verläuft in ruhigen Bahnen – bis sein Vater eine neue Frau findet und heiratet. Plötzlich . Testament of Sister New Devil 01 | Uesu, Tetsuto, Okuma, Nekosuke, Miyakokasiwa, Steinle, Christine | ISBN: | Kostenloser Versand für alle.

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Als sein Vater ihm dann aber eröffnet, dass er wieder heiraten wird, fällt er dennoch aus allen Wolken. Das Sprichwort Dem einem Freud des andern Leid passt hier nämlich ganz gut, das muss hier jeder einfach für sich selbst entscheiden. Erotic Succubus Out of Control 24m. Bisher erschienen zehn Bände Stand: Oktober :. Der Monster Mädchen ähnliche Ecchi ist das wohl beste am Anime soweit man damit der kraken anfangen kann, die Action ist gut Präsentiert und barbie und die drei musketiere ganzer film deutsch im gesamten genug vorhanden wobei wie gesagt die 1 Staffel weniger davon hat same same die 2. Dieses Mal sind Basaras Verletzungen sehr viel ernster. Dezember auf Tokyo MX. Mio interrupts Basara and Yuki while they're are on a date, but Article source soon has a bigger problem -- a hard fight against Shiba. Auch Mio und Yuki kommen sich näher. Basara kämpft verzweifelt gegen Zolgear. Dezember auf Tokyo MX. August auf ProSieben Maxx. And for both allies and enemies the quantity wasn't important, but the quality - One can't weigh the odds of quantity and quality. Read article Maria nurses Basara back to health, there is another between him and the unknown. Die eigentliche Stärke dieses Animes click to see more aber ganz klar wo anders. Mär Thomas P Trotzdem haben wir es hier mit einem film blueprint besseren Action Ecchi Animes zu tun den es anna chancellor gibt und jeder der dem Genre etwas anfangen kann sollte hier zuschlagen doch wer nur seichten oder keinen Ecchi will sollte hier ein Bogen darum click at this page. Dez Lyr Mio and Yuki grow closer. Wer auf guardians galaxy Action steht findet anderswo deutlich besseres Futter, auch Ecchi Fans mit ein wenig Anspruch sind mit anderen Werken deutlich besser bedient und letztendlich wer auf einen Hentai aus ist, kann über die "erotische" Action nur müde lächeln. Mai — Doch das bereut er bald bitter. Für mich zumindest gibt's hier keinen Grund für Kritik, doch natürlich kann ich nicht aus schlissen das der ein oder anderen das anders sieht als ich. Im Gegensatz zu Andrea corr Love Ru ist diese Serie hier schon fast klischeefrei :D In fast keiner Szene, die ich hier gesehen habe, ist office girls irgendwelches Klischee auf die Nerven gefallen, eher im Gegenteil: Dafür das es eine Ecchi Serie ist, hat man sich noch sehr zurückgehalten. Weitere Details. Yasuharu Takanashi. Basara kämpft verzweifelt gegen Zolgear. To jupiters moon trust, Maria proposes they bathe .

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Evil sisters Episode 10 English Dub

The Testament Of Sisters New Devil Video

The Testament of Sister New Devil Episode 09 English Dub - Anime English Dubbed 2020

After rescuing Basara from a horde of manipulated civilians, Kurumi witnesses Mio and Yuki 'serving' Basara first hand in the guise of being a part of a ritual between master and servant and eventually gets involved after her bickering with Maria.

Driven to protecting his family, Basara swears to defeat his unidentified enemies whoever it may be. During the sports festival, Kurumi sends out wind spirits to investigate the grounds for any suspicious activity.

A manipulated upperclassman summons twisters in the sports grounds and Basara springs into action to quell the situation. Seeing Basara's true nature, Tachibana reveals himself to be a vampire and duels with Basara.

After subduing Tachibana, Basara encounters Chisato and suspects her to be the culprit. Sakasaki guides Basara into safety and reveals that he is an old acquaintance of his father and Chisato's plot of controlling the entire school populace.

Basara, however, sees through Sakasaki's lies and the latter is actually Ornis a demon planning vengeance on the gods that had banished him.

As Basara submits after seeing the demon holding Kurumi hostage, the demon cuts off Basara's arm, disarming him. With his arm disabled, Basara goes into a rampage and attacks Ornis.

However, Chisato intervenes and kills Ornis — who says that he will protect Chisato's purity from Basara — and appeases Basara in his rampaged state.

Leohart order his men to use a recently discovered demon relic against the opposing moderate faction that supports the former reign of demon lord Wilbert under his councils orders.

Ramsus, Wilburt's brother, dispatches Maria's older sister Rukia to send a message that Basara and his kin to be summoned to the demon realm immediately.

Hesitant at first, Basara, Mio and the others accept. Basara and the others arrive at Wildart castle where Mio's father once lived, though it is now owned by Ramsus.

They are shown to a small servants room they are told they must share. They meet Zest, now a maid at the castle, along with Shella, and Maria's sister, Rukia.

Rukia uses her succubus magic to induce arousal in Maria, Basara punishes her. However, Kurumi, who broke castle rules by eavesdropping, must now also be similarly punished by Basara.

Basara meets Claus, one of Wilburt's military advisers, who is angry such important guests were only given a servants room and immediately moves them somewhere more appropriate.

Claus explains that the war between factions has only grown worse, whereas most of the people have remained loyal to Wilburt and to his daughter, Mio.

In disguise as a butler and maids Basara and the others are shown around the main town by Noel, another maid. Mio is surprised by how similar the demon realm is to earth, though Yuki reveals due to high levels of demon magic, heroes like herself and Basara are less powerful than normal.

Unwilling to attracting attention as a former servant of Zolgia, Zest separates from the group and is soon accosted by soldiers but is saved by Basara.

Claus informs Basara that Ramsus wants to extract the demon lord power from Mio she inherited from her father, which would likely kill her.

Mio and the girls share a bath while Basara talks to Ramsus. Elsewhere demons dig up an object they refer to as an ultimate biological weapon from the time of the war between demons and gods..

Ramsus informs Basara that he plans to extract Mio's powers, as he feels that she does not deserve that power since she established her contract with Basara.

However, Shella implores everyone that disagreements will not solve their problem while teleporting Basara to a bath house to find Zest, who is only covered by a towel.

However the curse is activated immediately due to Zest's own feelings, which she thinks are a hindrance to Basara.

While forcing her to submit Basara discovers Zest's weak spot are her pointed ears. On the next day, Wilbert Town is invaded by "Heroic Spirits" led by Gald, who warns that he will destroy the city should Mio remain hidden.

To prevent the invasion, Yuki, Kurumi and Zest set off to defeat the invading "Heroic Spirits" while Mio had to stay behind as Claus states as due to political issue.

Meanwhile, Basara and Gald fight each other in a duel but Nebra arrives and blasts Basara away. Mio loses her temper defeats the last Heroic Spirit.

Fearing over the consequences of failure, Nebra has to kill Mio but fails when Ramsus and Basara intervene. Basara interrogates Nebra over the invasion, only to witness Nebra's death by the "Master Servant" pact to prevent him from turning on his master.

Lars arrive to retrieve an unconscious Gald while declares to Basara that they will fight in their next encounter while informs Toujou Household and allies that Leohart wants to meet him.

Meanwhile, Leohart learns the entire incident from an injured Gald regarding the powers of Mio and Basara, prompting him to see Mio, Basara and Ramsus as a bigger threat before being comforted by his elder sister Liala.

At night, Leohart declares a seven-on-seven duel between both factions and the winning faction will dominate the entire Demon Realm under his decree.

Before their preparation, Jin trains Basara at the nearby woods whilst Shella trains the girls Mio, Maria, Yuki, Zest and Kurumi in controlling their curse.

During one training however, Basara is hospitalized at the nearby bedroom for unlocking his hidden powers, where he learns from Jin that he is possessing three limiters, which he needs at least one two if necessary to defeat the Demon Lord.

On the next day, Basara and his allies embark their journey for the Royal Palace before Ramsus and Rukia, while Leohart is waiting for his enemy inside his Throne Room.

During the tournament's second round, Maria confronts and fights against Lars but lost in a duel. Elsewhere, Basara infiltrates into the Demon Imperial Palace and attempts to assassinate Belphegor, whom the later notices him but easily killed off by Basara.

Back to the tournament, Kurumi lost the third round against her opponent and Zest herself is disqualified for interfering the match and rescuing Kurumi from her death.

However, Yuki manages to win for her team during the fifth match until the seventh match, where Leohart is next to appear for the battle.

However, Basara is yet to be seen returning from his business, which worries nearly everyone. Meanwhile, Basara is seen lying during his way back to his team.

It begins with Basara lying on the ground in an open area, probably in pain or unconscious from the wound received earlier while assassinating Belphegor.

In the battlefield, due to the restrictions, the Demon Council speculates that Basara probably won't be able to enter as only the Demon Lords or their kin may enter in there.

Basara in the next moment is there on the battlefield. The Council thinks that Basara probably used his Banishing Shift to enter here.

The announcer when announcing is sent away by Leohart. The match starts with Basara starting to attack with his speed and using his slash to distract Leohart before attacking him from a different angles.

Leohart though initially troubled soon adjusts to this technique. In the watch room, Toujou Household along with Lucia are watching the match are worried as they feel that Basara is not fighting as usual.

Lars also thinks about what kind of trump card Basara is going to use. Basara during the next attack after being stopped by Leohart is holding his hand on his wound which he received earlier.

Leohart not being troubled by Basara's attack starts to attack Basara. Basara then vanishes his sword and again swiftly brings his sword and slashes swiftly while removing it from its sheath, his special attack.

Leohart dodges is informing him that it wouldn't work on him anymore, telling him that he shouldn't have used it on Gald.

Elsewhere, in the moderate faction region, Jin is seen taking a nap in the woods, and an unnamed female asks if he isn't going to watch his son's match.

After being beaten by Leohart, Basara is falling directly into the lava in the middle of the battlefield. He is holding a pill in his left hand recalling the scene when he was given this by Shella informing him that he can use his real powers but he would rampage without control.

Just Before falling into the lava, he swallows the pill. Leohart thinking that the match is over starts to walk away but stops after a few steps sensing some danger stops.

An Awakened Basara emerges from the lava, and the battle resumes but it is now completely one-sided. Leohart is unable to attack Basara and starts suffering injuries.

But Basara starts to pay the price of this rampage as blood shoots out from all over his body. Seeing this Toujou household members get worried and Mio quickly rushes to help Basara.

Before Lucia can stop Mio, Yuki stops Lucia realizing that now only Mio can enter the battlefield as the previous Demon Lord's daughter.

Mio reaches the battlefield but gets trapped in the visions within Basara's mind. After realizing this she starts to search Basara's current location within his mind, when she encounters the memory of Zolgia.

Defeating him, she reaches Basara's location and lets him in his rampaging form attack her. Just before his attack can land, he stops himself with his left hand, and destroys the gauntlet on his arm not his sword.

Still not completely normal, he tears Mio's clothes and lusts on her. Finally back to normal, Basara and Mio land on the battlefield in front of the kneeling Leohart.

Basara offers him a hand to get up. Seeing this, the council decides to send their trump card, the King of Heroic Spirits, Chaos.

Chaos enters the battlefield and Leohart tells Basara and Mio about the Legendary being which rules all Heroic Spirits.

Chaos also commands all the Heroic Spirits and send them all over the Demon Realm. One of the Heroic Spirit attacks the spectators in the stadium near Yuki and Kurumi position.

The Council is requested by an unnamed demon to stop the Heroic Spirites as Chaos does not stop summoning them.

The Council is unconcerned about that and kills the demon, while Admirath is noticed to be gone somewhere. They decide that as long as they are safe there is nothing to worry about.

And if the Demon Realm is destroyed then they can just rebuild it again. Calling this as a test before going against the Gods and Angels.

As Chaos attacks the trio of Basara, Mio and Leohart thinking that they will be done for soon, and that the other Heroic Spirits will also kill off Ramusas, solving all their problems.

Chaos's attack is neutralized by Basara and the Council realize it is because of his power of Banishing Shift.

There is a suggestion to escape from this place but Leohart informs them that Chaos fights by bringing many many Heroic Spirits and they must be destroying the Demon Realm.

They decide to work together to bring down Chaos. Ramusas arrives there as well and holds down Chaos by creating a gravitational field below Chaos to bind him.

The 4 of them plan to work together against Chaos. Ramusas still holding Chaos, Leohart to use all his powers to distract and attack Chaos, Mio to attack as well, while Basara informs that he will release all 3 of his limiters.

While Mio and Leohart engage Chaos, Basara uses the pills given by Maria's mother earlier to remove his limiters and sends Chaos into another dimension using his Banishing Shift in an Awakened Form.

He releases his Awakened Form immediately after use. Yuki and Lucia stand ready to fight against Admirath who wants to kill them.

They are beside Kurumi and Maria who are being given medical treatment. But Admirath releases poisonous gas from his Scythe even before the fight without letting them know.

Due to Yuki being a hero, inhaling the poisonous gas is especially harmful to her and takes her strength. When both of them are unable to continue the fight, Admirath approaches Kurumi to kill her in front of her sister, Yuki and then intends to kill Maria in front of Lucia.

So, I Can't Play H? A episode anime adaptation produced by Feel was Six original video animation episodes were produced by Xebec between April and April A episode anime television adaptation by Silver Link A episode anime adaptation directed by Junichi Sakata and animated by Gonzo aired The Qwaser of Stigmata The Qwaser of Stigmata is a episode anime television series that was produced with the same title as the manga series and broadcast in Japan on Biglobe in Isuca Isuca is a Japanese action manga series by Osamu Takahashi.

An anime adaptation by Arms started to air in January Maoyu The story is set in a world embroiled by war between Humans and Demons. The Humans' greatest hero invades the Demon Queen's castle determined to vanquish her.

However, instead of fighting back, Spinoff Manga". Retrieved August 3, November 22, September 8, Retrieved September 8, July 1, Retrieved July 1, August 20, Retrieved August 20, Special Broadcasting Service.

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Download as PDF Printable version. The Testament of Sister New Devil. First light novel volume cover featuring Basara Tojo left and Mio Naruse right.

Action , [1] harem , [2] supernatural [3]. Kadokawa Sneaker Bunko. NA Seven Seas. May 26, [4] — July 25, Anime television series.

Original video animation. March 28, [5] [6] [7]. Anime and manga portal. September 29, [17].

January 31, [18]. June 1, [19].

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Angefangen Abgeschlossen 1. Pausiert Erster Meister-Diener-Pakt 24 Min. Namensräume Artikel Diskussion. From Wikipedia, the more info encyclopedia. Basara saves Mio from certain death by blocking Takashi's attack. Back at their home, Zest pledges her loyalty to Basara. Retrieved March 19, Defeating him, she reaches Basara's location lets him in his rampaging form attack. April 1, [28]. A episode anime adaptation directed by Junichi Sakata and animated by Gonzo aired Twelve volumes have been published as of April dobrev news Mio reaches the battlefield but gets trapped in the visions within Basara's mind. An anime television series aired from 5 July to Before Star trek into darkness ganzer film deutsch can stop Netflix game of thrones staffel 6, Yuki stops Lucia realizing that now only Mio can enter the battlefield as the previous Demon Lord's daughter. Chisato insists Basara bathe while she washes his clothes so he won't smell like her when he returns home. Takashi asks Basara to kill him, but Basara declines and states they are friends. Archived from the original on January 15, the testament of sisters new devil

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